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Mr. Yasaburo Tanimura as a traditional craftsman
Craftsman:Yasaburo Tanimura

In the year of 1975, Mr. Yasaburo Tanimura was pointed as a Japanese traditional craftsman by the Japanese government.

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Mr. Keiji Mihara as Tea tools reverend
Craftsman:Keiji Mihara

Mr. Keiji Mihara is involved in SADOU at Takayama in Nara prefecture, central part of Honshu, Japan.

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Mr. Tadao Ibuki as a traditional craftsman
Craftsman:Kakusho Kametani

One of the best calligraphy artist in Japan awarded and admired in artificial chronology.

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Mr. Yasaburo Tanimura as a traditional craftsman
Craftsman:Tadao Ibuki

Japanese screen Sudare is an one of traditional craft from Kyoto in Japan.

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Top of Wajima Nuri Keizuka Shikki Kobo. Ltd

A special group of manufactures Japanese tradition crafts Wajima lacquer ware.

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Mr. Haruo Yanase as a traditional craftsman
Craftsman:Haruo Yanase

A specialist of making Japanese paper Washi. Approved a Traditional Asset of Japanese crafts.

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Buddhist sculptor
Craftsman:Mukoyoshi Yuuboku

Buddhist sculptor.

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