We are free of charge service to look for the Japanese famous craftsman products for overseas customers and support you to buy a product from them.

  • Please note that we might not be able to find the products or can't deal with a craftsman you are looking for.
  • All transaction with a famous craftsman will be done instead of you so you don't need to worry about the deal in Japanese.
  • Payment should be done to the bank account of craftsman directly.


DENTO KOUGEISHI (traditional craftsman) is authorized by government Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan. There’s so many craft industries so METI’s efforts to promote traditional Japanese crafts for Japanese and also people of the world who do not forget the quality of handwork. Handmade products are not a thing of the past, however economic factors may increase their market priceso to help and protect the traditions, Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries was established in 1974. The Japanese Cultural Agency also has an independent program of promoting crafs that complements the work of the association.

Japanese traditinal craftsman’s work is the Japanes culture which have been inheritance for handred years. These work of art is evaluated from all over the world. Own traditional techniques have been developed in various part of Japan and you can feel WABI and SABI of Japanese word from the products. Japanese people are originality clever with fingers and create the sensitive image for the products. Time being, most of the traditional craftsman are getting old at present and it will be a true for a lack of successors now. So we believe those crafts works will be positioned with high value added art craft.

Please feel free to ask us about your demands, craftman’s name and category you are looking for so that we will check the craftsman and contact with them and inform what they can correspond for you.

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